Hey You. Be Nice.

The sound startled me to jump aside before I could even see where it came from: the grinding CRSCHHHHH of a tire skidding through gravel when the brake’s been slammed on. The mountain biker was farther away than he sounded, … Read More

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Does Your Stuff Free You Or Own You?

The delicate red ceramic felt precious to my fingers as I swirled the warm suds in the ikat-painted bowl. Standing at the white sink with an electric light over my head, it felt like a privilege, to wash such a … Read More


Do You Hate Pink Gear?

What do you think when you see a woman in a pink ski jacket, or riding a pink bike? Or climbing in a pink shirt and chalkbag? Do you assume she’s not hardcore? The girlfriend tagging along? Or do you … Read More


Instagram’s Best Adventure Animals

Puppies and kittens make any day better, and they’re all over Instagram—but not all of them are brave enough to get rad on a road trip or make second feline ascents in Arches National Park. Here are four of the … Read More

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The New Usual

Brendan started down the trail ahead of me. “You’ll be faster than me going down,” he said, clipping in for the descent. The stranger at the mountain-top picnic table caught my attention with a chuckle. “It’s usually the other way … Read More

Nobody's River

The Real Point Of Adventure

Does summiting a peak or paddling a first descent have value if it hasn’t changed us in the process? The adventure films we watch are packed with feats of bravery and uncertainty—would they be so compelling if the heroes didn’t … Read More


What Kind Of Dirtbag Are You?

Have you noticed how a faraway glance at a landscape never reveals the actual biodiversity within that ecosystem? The same goes for the incredibly diverse group of humans that populate the species Homo dirtbaggus. From afar, we might look all … Read More