Maze bivy 2-1

Is Your Instagram Destroying The Environment?

That sandstone bluff was a sight for sore eyes. Well, sore legs, at least. We needed a proper, safe place to bivy for the night, and I was already salivating over the stunning photos I imagined myself snapping from there: … Read More

Last one down the mtn

The Last One Down The Mountain

It was a strange sensation to slide my feet into warm ski boots. It’s not just that they weren’t frozen stiff—they were actually sun-warmed from the early spring afternoon drive. They slid on satisfyingly smoothly as I perched on the … Read More


You Should Cry If You Want To

Did that puppy in the Budweiser Super Bowl commercial get to you? Maybe a little misty eyed? No? How about watching runners give everything they have in their being to finish a marathon? Or when they ran out of soy … Read More

Whit at Vermilion sm

Why There Are So Few Women’s Adventure Films

It’s been a thing for a while now, this underrepresentation of women in adventure films. Why? It seems we’re not really making them, or at least not enough of them. And why is that? Well, it’s complicated—but the solution might … Read More

Mom and Dad walking Canyonlands

The Magic You Miss When You Make Assumptions

The red flags popped into my head left and right: You’re sure you want to sleep on the ground? A day’s walk from the nearest restroom? And, carry how much water on your back along with all your food, sleeping … Read More

Tele turns by Mitsu

Powder Turns And The Art Of Life

Mitsu’s eyes seemed to light as he delved into the subject, describing new possibilities and aesthetic nuances. It was like hearing someone talk about a song or a work of art that spoke to them. But we were talking about … Read More


What Can We Learn From Losing Our Favorite Cafe?

Paris On The Platte announced this week on Facebook: “Au revoir … after 28 years it’s time.. tonight we have wine, tomorrow we have coffee, and then we say goodbye.” One of Denver’s institutions, the coffee shop and bar, announced … Read More

Brooke Wasatch Crest

6 Reasons You Should Stick To Working Out Indoors

Don’t let those colorful covers of Backpacker or Climbing lure you into thinking you should step outside your door for a workout. The outdoors are dangerous. They’re dirty, and risky. The mountains will change you in ways you never imagined. … Read More