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The Subtle Joy Of Biking For Groceries

The grocery list items tumbles in my mind, jumbling with anxious thoughts of upcoming deadlines. I’d already accepted that there would be no mountain bike ride today. No time for a run, either. This was not what I’d envisioned when … Read More

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Women: 7 Reasons You Should Go Solo

We’ve all heard the warnings. Any of us women who’ve traveled solo, camped alone, or even hiked by ourselves have probably been told, Be careful. It’s dangerous out there. Why don’t you take a guy with you? Why do you … Read More

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Finding Real-World Inspiration On Instagram

Maybe you saw videos from the Red Bull Rampage last month. The mountain bikers hucking gargantuan gap jumps and nail-bitingly steep descents in the Utah desert? It was sick, for sure. But did it inspire you to get out on … Read More

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Why We Need The Movie “Wild”

When was the last time you watched a movie with a female protagonist? Who, instead of being rescued in the end by Prince Charming, pressed through her challenges to learn and maybe overcome? And when was the last time that … Read More

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In A Brutal World, What’s The Point Of Outdoor Sports?

The wind always seems to pick up right before dawn. Twisting the cottonwoods’ arms and rustling through their drying leaves, it whispered something. Something that sounded dark. Shouldering my heavier-than-usual pack and clicking on my headlamp, I saddled up for … Read More

Mountain Babes

Is This What Empowerment Looks Like?

If you wanted to inspire women to get outdoors, would you A) Get a bunch of women to wear bikinis at a lake and then film them splashing each other, drinking beer and pouring it on each other, doing yoga … Read More


A Brief History Of The Booty

Booty has been in the news a lot lately. Or at least my social media feed. I mean, if J-Lo’s new video hasn’t popped up on your screen yet, I’ll assume you’re living in a cave—or maybe you’re just better … Read More


Hey You. Be Nice.

The sound startled me to jump aside before I could even see where it came from: the grinding CRSCHHHHH of a tire skidding through gravel when the brake’s been slammed on. The mountain biker was farther away than he sounded, … Read More