Vasque Sundowners in the city 2 (1 of 1)

In Defense Of Hiking Boots In The City

I’ve never been any good with witty comebacks. So I could only stammer out an honest reply, when the barista’s comment dribbled with sarcasm: “Going hiking today?” “Nope, not today,” I said, following his glance to my new boots with … Read More

Socality Barbie

The Problem With #LiveAuthentic

These past few weeks, @SocalityBarbie called our collective Instagram bluff. If you haven’t heard of @SocalityBarbie, Google it. Her single facetious Instagram account has an entire generation of Instagrammers thinking twice before they post a photo of a latte, or … Read More

Brendan Leonard looks out at the Norwegian Sea from a beach outside Andenes on the seconde night of a bike tour in northern Norway.

The Frustrating Magic Of Summertime Light

When is it OK to look away? The heavy spring-loaded back door slammed behind me, separating me from the glow of sunset on the other side. I’d just spent a cross-town drive barely able to keep my eyes on the … Read More


When Was The Last Time You Just Jumped In?

It wasn’t a dare. It was a polite invitation. Just a simple proposition, really. But it sent my imagination rushing backward, years flashing by. I curled my toes over the rough rock outcropping and looked out across the lake. Jillian … Read More

Maze bivy 2-1

Is Your Instagram Destroying The Environment?

That sandstone bluff was a sight for sore eyes. Well, sore legs, at least. We needed a proper, safe place to bivy for the night, and I was already salivating over the stunning photos I imagined myself snapping from there: … Read More

Last one down the mtn

The Last One Down The Mountain

It was a strange sensation to slide my feet into warm ski boots. It’s not just that they weren’t frozen stiff—they were actually sun-warmed from the early spring afternoon drive. They slid on satisfyingly smoothly as I perched on the … Read More


You Should Cry If You Want To

Did that puppy in the Budweiser Super Bowl commercial get to you? Maybe a little misty eyed? No? How about watching runners give everything they have in their being to finish a marathon? Or when they ran out of soy … Read More

Whit at Vermilion sm

Why There Are So Few Women’s Adventure Films

It’s been a thing for a while now, this underrepresentation of women in adventure films. Why? It seems we’re not really making them, or at least not enough of them. And why is that? Well, it’s complicated—but the solution might … Read More