Monthly Archives: January 2014

Are You Still A Tourist?

Have you ever been mocked for wanting to do a particular climb or hike because it’s such a cliche route? Too touristy? I get made fun of for how much I like Longs Peak. “It’s what all the tourists do,” … Read More

How To Tell If Your Girlfriend Is A Climber

She can build a bomber anchor in 90 seconds, but spends 45 minutes in bathroom trying to do a proper smoky eye. She has gotten into a pullup contest at a party. Her closet has more puffy jackets in it … Read More

Being Ladylike—Is That Really A Thing Anymore?

“I think it’s hot when a woman can blow a snot rocket without slowing down,” my guy friend laughed. We were zipping along the paved riverside trail on our bikes, chatting about work, family and books. Trying not to pause … Read More