Monthly Archives: November 2014

I Don’t Wish You A Happy Thanksgiving

Sometimes it’s hard to feel thankful. We’re all guilty of it at some point. Maybe we feel down because we can’t afford the awesome Christmas gifts we wanted to buy our loved ones. Or feel sorry for ourselves because we … Read More

The Subtle Joy Of Biking For Groceries

The grocery list items tumbles in my mind, jumbling with anxious thoughts of upcoming deadlines. I’d already accepted that there would be no mountain bike ride today. No time for a run, either. This was not what I’d envisioned when … Read More

Women: 7 Reasons You Should Go Solo

We’ve all heard the warnings. Any of us women who’ve traveled solo, camped alone, or even hiked by ourselves have probably been told, Be careful. It’s dangerous out there. Why don’t you take a guy with you? Why do you … Read More