Monthly Archives: December 2014

What Does Your Winter Jacket Say About You?

Fancy yourself a hardcore mountaineer? Or, an avant garde bohemian It Girl? When you plop onto the ski lift with a stranger or glide into that hip new coffee shop, what’s everyone’s first impression of you? If it’s between November … Read More

May You Win Against Winter

Happy holidays, friends! I’m hunkered down with family for the holidays, and hope you’re enjoying bright days, as well. In case you haven’t seen this montage, I hope it makes you laugh. See you on NYE!

How Sexy Is Too Sexy On Social Media?

“I’d have way more Instagram followers if I posted bikini selfies. And I was a hot woman,” my boyfriend joked—only, it’s most certainly true. Wouldn’t we all, I thought. Using sex to sell is the oldest trick in the book. … Read More