Monthly Archives: January 2015

What Can We Learn From Losing Our Favorite Cafe?

Paris On The Platte announced this week on Facebook: “Au revoir … after 28 years it’s time.. tonight we have wine, tomorrow we have coffee, and then we say goodbye.” One of Denver’s institutions, the coffee shop and bar, announced … Read More

6 Reasons You Should Stick To Working Out Indoors

Don’t let those colorful covers of Backpacker or Climbing lure you into thinking you should step outside your door for a workout. The outdoors are dangerous. They’re dirty, and risky. The mountains will change you in ways you never imagined. … Read More

Why Being A Cheerleader Is Cool

The VHS scene fizzled into focus on the TV, my mom’s hushed voice whispering the date—December 1988—and that the following was my first piano recital. Oh man, I sighed, holding back an embarrassed eye roll as my twiggy then-six-year-old figure … Read More