How To Tell If Your Girlfriend Is A Climber

  • She can build a bomber anchor in 90 seconds, but spends 45 minutes in bathroom trying to do a proper smoky eye.
  • She has gotten into a pullup contest at a party.
  • Her closet has more puffy jackets in it than pairs of high heels.
  • When she talks about her rack, she’s not talking about boobs.
  • Same thing with jugs.
  • Also, nuts.
  • Before she bought her car, she laid down in the back of it to make sure it was big enough to sleep in.
  • She’d be stoked to get a gri-gri as a Valentine’s Day gift.
  • She doesn’t need help opening that jar.
  • She’s really only interested in that guy’s van.
  • You’ve caught her crimping a door frame.
  • When clothes shopping, her mantra is: “No hood, no good.”
  • She talks about walls of buildings in terms of V-scale.
  • She’s tried to explain the Yosemite Decimal System to her grandma.

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