Training Like Rocky

Brendan leaned back to stick his hand into his chalk bag, looking down for the next foothold on the wall, and then burst into laughter. The most obvious spot to move next had an arrow painted toward it and a … Read More

Is Talent A Myth?

A sea of faces stared wide-eyed into the cold, brightly lit night, ooohing and ahhhing as Will Gadd precisely placed one ice tool then the other, pulling himself up the competition wall with a strength so controlled it looked effortless. … Read More

Does Simplicity Ever Go Out Of Style?

“The only thing I regret is that I didn’t pack one of my cute scarves. And lipgloss,” my friend Geneva said. She was telling me about her recent bike tour through New Zealand. She and her boyfriend packed super light, … Read More

I Love Your Dog

Our eyes locked, and I sensed a deep pleading from her dark brown eyes—a very earnest expression. I didn’t know exactly what it meant, but my heart went out to her. And before I knew it, I was saying: “Oh, … Read More

Was That A Bike Ride Or A Date?

I didn’t realize it was a date until he grabbed my hand as I turned to leave. Maybe I was naïve, but I also don’t think I’m the first person who’s ever been confused about whether or not a hiking/biking/climbing … Read More

Are You Still A Tourist?

Have you ever been mocked for wanting to do a particular climb or hike because it’s such a cliche route? Too touristy? I get made fun of for how much I like Longs Peak. “It’s what all the tourists do,” … Read More

How To Tell If Your Girlfriend Is A Climber

She can build a bomber anchor in 90 seconds, but spends 45 minutes in bathroom trying to do a proper smoky eye. She has gotten into a pullup contest at a party. Her closet has more puffy jackets in it … Read More

Being Ladylike—Is That Really A Thing Anymore?

“I think it’s hot when a woman can blow a snot rocket without slowing down,” my guy friend laughed. We were zipping along the paved riverside trail on our bikes, chatting about work, family and books. Trying not to pause … Read More