Psych Up To Get Out In The Cold With These Films

Is it blowing snow where you are? Making it sound more appealing to sit inside, pour another cup of coffee or whiskey, and let the day go by outside your window? That’s fine and all. But if you’re beginning to feel antsy, to hear Winter whispering to you about what adventure, thrill, peace and transcendence is out in the white yonder, maybe it’s time to dig out the mittens and the stocking cap. And if you need a little boost of inspiration to head out the door into the freezing wilds—even if it’s just around the block—check out these films.

“I have never regretted working out, going for a walk, or getting on a plane stinking, dripping sweat. Not once,” says Will Gadd. “We all try to be busy, instead of being alive.”


Three words: cold, raw, beautiful. Dive in.


For all you brown pow lovers, this clip has a little, but it’s the snow shots that steal the scene.


We all know Bon Iver is for snowy days. But this edit will have you bundling up to head out for powder—and saving the curling up by the fire for later.



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