Monthly Archives: April 2014

Does This Workout Make Me Look Fat?

A Harper’s Bazaar article recently popped up in my Facebook feed asking me, “Is Spinning Making You Fat?” You might ask yourself, how could exercise possibly make me fat? But according to the article, women are cutting down on uber-popular … Read More

How NOT To Work Out Indoors

“Does everyone feel this awkward at the gym?” I thought, shooting a terrified look down the row of treadmills. I had been running along steadily for about 15 minutes, trying to avert boredom by gradually increasing my speed and angle … Read More

The Helmet Problem

Has anyone ever pinned a photo of a woman in a bike helmet on their Pinterest page? Perched on a cute retro cruiser, dress fluttering in the wind, flowers and baguette in her basket, her hair is always flowing free … Read More

What Would You Be Without Your Sport?

Sara’s eyes brightened and her voice warmed. “Oh, Morning Glory Wall is full of wonderful stuff, if it’s not super crowded.” She penned little notes about what routes I should climb at Smith Rock while I ran my fingers through … Read More

Shutting Off The Excuse Machine

Huffing and puffing around the hairpin switchback, I was intimately aware of how mushy and weak my thighs felt in relation to how many more vertical feet of mountain biking we had ahead of us. “Man, I’m sorry, I feel … Read More