Presenting: Being Here, a short film

Remember that time when you found the peace you were looking for out under a stretch of stars brighter than any back home? The time you felt more confident and true to yourself after a long, lung-busting trail run or … Read More

In Defense Of Hiking Boots In The City

I’ve never been any good with witty comebacks. So I could only stammer out an honest reply, when the barista’s comment dribbled with sarcasm: “Going hiking today?” “Nope, not today,” I said, following his glance to my new boots with … Read More

The Problem With #LiveAuthentic

These past few weeks, @SocalityBarbie called our collective Instagram bluff. If you haven’t heard of @SocalityBarbie, Google it. Her single facetious Instagram account has an entire generation of Instagrammers thinking twice before they post a photo of a latte, or … Read More

The Frustrating Magic Of Summertime Light

When is it OK to look away? The heavy spring-loaded back door slammed behind me, separating me from the glow of sunset on the other side. I’d just spent a cross-town drive barely able to keep my eyes on the … Read More

When Was The Last Time You Just Jumped In?

It wasn’t a dare. It was a polite invitation. Just a simple proposition, really. But it sent my imagination rushing backward, years flashing by. I curled my toes over the rough rock outcropping and looked out across the lake. Jillian … Read More

Is Your Instagram Destroying The Environment?

That sandstone bluff was a sight for sore eyes. Well, sore legs, at least. We needed a proper, safe place to bivy for the night, and I was already salivating over the stunning photos I imagined myself snapping from there: … Read More

The Last One Down The Mountain

It was a strange sensation to slide my feet into warm ski boots. It’s not just that they weren’t frozen stiff—they were actually sun-warmed from the early spring afternoon drive. They slid on satisfyingly smoothly as I perched on the … Read More